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a) a baby animal
b) a taxi
c) a geometric shape
d) a stick

to adapt
a) to erase
b) to plug in
c) to begin
d) to change

a) in the closet
b) excluded
c) surrounded
d) open

a) a covered place
b) an open field
c) a fenced garden
d) a blanket

a) a Habs fan
b) a habitual action
c) the ability to do something
d) the natural environment where animals live

a) something that grows around your school
b) to turn around
c) the natural world around you
d) an approximation

a) something that everyone knows
b) knowing that something exists
c) a prize
d) being awake

to endanger
a) to put something or someone in danger
b) to live forever
c) to live dangerously
d) to end something

to behave
a) to get into trouble
b) to do things or to act a certain way
c) to be brave
d) to produce honey

a) a wall
b) house
c) a walkway
d) a forest

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