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n China, the building of the Great Wall, the use of the tribute system, and the government’s support of the Boxer Rebellion are examples of attempts by different dynasties to limit
a) foreign influence
b) nationalism
c) communist expansion
d) industrialization

The ancient Greek city-state of Sparta and the Soviet Union under Stalin were similar in that both societies
a) were primarily concerned with the health of their people
b) were powerful military states
c) granted universal suffrage to their people
d) placed great emphasis on literature and the arts

The French Revolution, the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, and the Communist Revolution in China were similar in that all three
a) were influenced by the peasants’ desire for more land
b) brought about few political changes
c) were inspired by Marxism
d) were supported primarily by the nobility

A study of the French Revolution and the Russian Revolution of 1917 would lead to the conclusion that
a) revolutions only occur when a majority of citizens become directly involved
b) university students are most often responsible for starting revolutions
c) control of revolutions often shifts from moderates to radicals
d) revolutions seldom result in long-term changes

The Tamils in Sri Lanka, the Sikhs in India, and the Zulus in South Africa have all attempted to
a) achieve political separatism
b) practice passive resistance
c) establish colonies in Asia
d) encourage mercantilism

Which was characteristic of France under Napoleon’s rule and Germany under Hitler’s rule?
a) emocratic ideas and diversity were encouraged
b) authoritarian control and a strong sense of nationalism prevailed
c) peaceful relations with neighboring countries wee fostered
d) artistic and literary freedom flourished

Changes in Russia under Peter the Great were most similar to changes that occurred in
a) Iran after the fall of Shah Pahlevi
b) Japan during the Meiji Restoraton
c) China before the Opium War
d) France during the feudal period

Eighteenth-century Russia and nineteenth-century Japan were similar in that both countries
a) began the process of modernization after a long period of isolation
b) developed democratic governments after years under absolute monarchies
c) refused to accept western technological ideas
d) adopted socialist economic systems after capitalism had failed

The Japanese feudal system and the Hindu caste system are similar in that both systems
a) romoted social mobility
b) developed a rigid class structure
c) ncouraged the people to take part in government
d) resulted in economic opportunities for the lower classes

One similarity between the decline of the Roman Empire and the fall of the Manchu Dynasty was that both initially led to
a) improved economic conditions
b) democratically elected governments
c) political chaos and decentralization of government
d) major accomplishments in art, science, and technology

One way in which Simón Bolívar, Jomo Kenyatta, and Ho Chi Minh are similar is that each leader
a) sought independence from colonial rule
b) ruled during a period of peace and prosperity
c) demanded human rights
d) established a totalitarian government

A similarity of the goals of Nelson Mandela and Mohandas Gandhi is that both leaders wanted to
a) secure political power for the majority of the people
b) encourage a greater degree of industrialization
c) improve the economy by expanding governmental control
d) gain independence from the Soviet Union

What would a study of the recent civil wars in Cambodia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Rwanda show about these conflicts?
a) Ethnic conflict was not a factor in the late 20th century.
b) The United Nations was successful in resolving these disputes.
c) Genocide was used as a political and military tactic.
d) Civilians were not affected by these disputes.

Suleiman held complete religious and political power. Charles I stormed the English Parliament. Peter the Great expanded serfdom in Russia. The actions of these leaders reflect the concept of
a) scientific theory
b) natural rights
c) mercantilism
d) absolutism

The Sepoy Rebellion in India and the Boxer Rebellion in China were similar in that both were
a) attempts to improve foreign trade
b) nonviolent resistance efforts
c) revolts against foreign influence
d) revolutions against traditional monarchs

One way in which the Meiji Restoration in Japan and the Golden Age of India are similar is that in each region these events led to
a) the persecution of minority peoples
b) periods of rapid change
c) the rise of feudalism as the dominant political system
d) governments ruled by absolute monarchs

Within their respective nations, both Ho Chi Minh and Fidel Castro achieved their goals by
a) seeking aid and support from the European Union
b) using armed conflict to bring a communist government to power
c) following a policy of nonalignment
d) working to build a capitalist system

One way in which the caste system and apartheid were similar is that both
a) described specific religious practices and beliefs
b) supported a rigid class structure
c) were created by British colonial governments
d) gave power to the lower classes in their respective societies

Both the Chinese Mandate of Heaven and the Japanese belief that the Emperor descends from the Sun Goddess are similar to the
a) “master race” theory of Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich
b) natural rights theory of the Age of Reason
c) divine right theory of the French monarchy
d) Marxist theory of a workers’ revolution

Which factor has most limited the development of national unity in India, Lebanon, and Bosnia-Herzegovina?
a) lack of natural resources
b) inability to end colonialism
c) religious and ethnic differences
d) rapid growth of industry

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