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You did not know how to find the book in the library?
a) Can you please help me find a book?
b) I give up!
c) What?
d) I want to go home!

Mom needed help and you were watching TV?
a) Mom, do you need help?
b) What?
c) Can you make me spaghetti?
d) Can we go to the store?

A friend wanted you to steal some chips from the cafeteria.
a) Um, no that's a bad idea!
b) What?
c) Yeah! Let's take it!
d) What kind would you like?

You weren't able to see the board well?
a) Excuse me, I can't see the board.
b) Write bigger!
c) What?
d) You write bad!

The teacher took your cell phone for texting during class?
a) I'm sorry, I didn't mean to text.
b) That's my phone.
c) What?
d) Why are you taking it?

You didn't eat breakfast and started feeling ill?
a) Can I go to the nurse?
b) Can I go home?
c) What?
d) Can I go to gym class?

You saw a classmate stealing money from someone's wallet?
a) That's not yours.
b) What?
c) Go ahead, take it!!
d) How much do you have?

The teacher asked you to stop talking so loudly?
a) Sorry, I didn't mean to be loud.
b) I'm hungry.
c) You, shhhh!!!
d) What?

The teacher sent you a card when you were sick?
a) What?
b) Thank you for the card.
c) No thank you.
d) Never mind.

The teacher asked you to read your paper to the class.
a) What?
b) I don't want to.
c) Sure, I will be happy to.
d) Never mind.

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