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you wanted to join a game but didn't know the rules
a) run away
b) Can someone explain the rules, please.
c) This is how we are going to play.
d) You're playing the wrong way.

you wanted to help the teacher carry books to the library.
a) Give me those!
b) Let me do it!
c) Do you need help?
d) Those are mine!

you wanted your friend to be your partner in a game
a) I don't want to do this.
b) Go there!
c) Come here!
d) Do you want to be partners?

you did not have your pencil to use during class.
a) Can I go to the bathroom?
b) Can I borrow a pencil please?
c) Give me your pencil!!
d) Can I have a snack?

you needed help finding something on the internet.
a) Come here!
b) I don't get this!
c) Can someone help me?
d) This is broken!

you accidently stepped on someone's foot.
a) Opps, I'm sorry.
b) Watch where you're going!
c) Move!
d) Get out of my way!

a stranger asked you to ride with him to find his lost dog?
a) No, I don't know you.
b) I'll show you where to go.
c) Sure!
d) Ok!

a new kid was sitting along at recess?
a) Do you want to play with us?
b) Hi!
c) Go to sleep.
d) Go to your locker.

you someone cheating on a test?
a) Keep your eyes on your own paper.
b) Do you want to see my answers?
c) That's the wrong answer.
d) Do you need a pencil?

Your friend was reading a book and started laughing?
a) Shhh!!!
b) Quiet!
c) What's so funny?
d) Do you need a pencil?

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