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This course has encouraged me to be:
a) A Teacher leader
b) A Couch potato
c) An Inactive Follower
d) The Complainer

List some of the steps of supportive communication
a) Congruent, not incongruent; Descriptive, not evaluative
b) Problem oriented, not person oriented; Validating, not invalid
c) Neither of those choices
d) Both of those choices

According to the lecture, the goal of teacher leaders is to translate the standards of their profession into:
a) a set of practices
b) new models of leadership
c) a set of instructional guidelines
d) new operational visions for their schools

Which of these is NOT a shared leadership framework?
a) Professional learning communities
b) Communities of practice
c) Critical Friends
d) Online educational journal articles

According to Parker J. Palmer, good teaching “cannot be reduced to technique;” it is based largely on:
a) willingness of students to learn
b) identity and integrity of the teacher
c) quality of a school’s curriculum
d) support teachers receive in their schools

“Forming,” “norming,” “storming,” and “performing” are part of:
a) All of these
b) Elmore’s stages of educational reform
c) Wheatley’s stages of innovation
d) Tuckman’s stages of group development

During the professional development session, faculty members began working in small groups. They used protocols to engage in discussions about the reading goals they had set. What is one benefit of using protocols for group work?
a) Participants are never restricted from talking
b) One person who knows the most dominates the conversation
c) Stop playing these dumb quiz games
d) Participants present without interruption or a need to defend their position

The three aspects of Critical Friends Groups that teachers say make them effective are:
a) continual, focus on student data, and take place in large group settings
b) continual, focus on curriculum development, and take place in small group settings
c) continual, focus on teaching and student learning, and take place in small group settings
d) meet annually, allow teachers to collaborate on new ideas before the start of the school year

What does Wheatley suggest that we do if we want people to embrace change and innovation?
a) Trust their judgment
b) Discover what is important to them
c) Call on Dr. Mapp to lead professional development
d) Articulate the consequences of change

What does research suggest is teacher leadership’s main benefit to students?
a) It leads to significantly higher classroom achievement.
b) It focuses teaching on mastery of academic standards.
c) It teaches students democratic principles and participatory governance.
d) none of these

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