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a) ate
b) open
c) ated
d) eatering

a) saw
b) sawed
c) sawing
d) seeing

Find the past tense of win. Today I win, yesterday, I
a) won
b) winner
c) winned
d) winnering

I will blow out the candles today, yesterday I
a) blowered out the candles.
b) bloweded out the candles.
c) blew out the candles.
d) blowering the candles.

Today I feel bad, yesterday, I
a) felted bad
b) feeled bad.
c) feeling bad.
d) felt bad.

Today I will drive, yesterday I
a) driving.
b) drivered
c) drove
d) driver

Today I catch the ball, yesterday I
a) caught the ball.
b) catched the ball.
c) caughted the ball.
d) bounced the ball.

a) went
b) goed
c) going go
d) wented

a) found
b) founder
c) finder
d) finded

a) drew
b) drawered
c) drawed
d) drawering

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