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Once slaves were brought to the British colonies, what most likely happened to them?
a) They were set free by a well-meaning farmer
b) They ran away because the Middle Passage was so terrible
c) They were taken to an auction house and sold to the highest paying plantation owner
d) They started forming their own societies away from the British

What geographical feature made it easy to trade during colonial times?
a) Access to water - natural harbors and rivers
b) A large supply of horses and buggies
c) Railroads
d) Slaves

Where did the Quakers mainly settle?
a) Massachusetts
b) Rhode Island
c) Pennsylvania
d) Georgia

If you came to the New World for political freedom, which part of American life would you be most excited about?
a) The large amounts of farmland for sale
b) Getting an education
c) Praying any way you wanted
d) The ability to vote for those in the House of Burgesses

Which colonial region was the most industrialized?
a) The South because it had the most plantations
b) The New England region because it had the most natural harbors
c) The Midwest region because it had the most cheese
d) The Middle colonial region because it had the most factories

Jamestown was founded in 1607. What was founded in 1620?
a) Declaration of Independence
b) Massachusetts Bay Colony
c) The French and Indian War
d) New York City

Why did the colonists call the British soldiers Lobsterbacks? Chapter 5
a) As an insult to make fun of their red coats
b) To make fun of their red, sunburned faces
c) As a compliment toward their beautiful red boots
d) The colonists never called the British soldiers by this name

How did Charlie Townshend die? (Chapter 5)
a) He died as part of the Boston Massacre
b) He died of the flu
c) He died from old age
d) He was executed for treason

Which of these items is a secondary source?
a) A pamphlet from the 1700s about firing a musket
b) A diary from an Amish girl as her family set sail for the New World
c) A book published in 1980 about the Puritans
d) The original speech of Roger Williams, the founder of Rhode Island

What did the Stamp Act do that enraged colonists? (Chapter 5)
a) Colonists were not allowed to dance and stamp their feet
b) All money had to have the stamp of the king of England on it
c) Colonists had to buy stamps and place them on paper products
d) It forbid colonists from using paper products at all

What did the Proclamation of 1763 do? (Chapter 5)
a) Prohibited settlers from moving west of the Appalachian Mountains
b) Allowed settlers to live anywhere they wanted
c) Created a new form of government in the Americas
d) Made everyone American citizens

When did the first Great Awakening begin in the colonies? (Chapter 4)
a) 1730s
b) 1740s
c) 1710s
d) 1800s

How long did the French and Indian War last? (Chapter 5)
a) 5 years
b) 15 years
c) 10 years
d) 7 years

Who founded the colony of Virginia? (Chapter 3)
a) Cecil Calvert
b) Sir Walter Raleigh
c) James, Duke of York
d) Willam Penn

Define the word Parliament. (Chapter 4)
a) A carriage people used to ride in
b) The lawmaking body of England, consisting of representatives from throughout the kingdom
c) To make a formal demand or request
d) Powers or privileges that belong to people

What were the four Middle Colonies? (Chapter 3)
a) Maryland, Georgia, Quebec, and Rhode Island
b) Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, and New Hampshire
c) New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware
d) Virginia, Maine, South Carolina, and Maryland

What was the main religion in the colony of Connecticut? (Chapter 3)
a) Jewish
b) Various Faiths
c) Catholic
d) Puritan

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