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a) are always subject to revision
b) reflect scientific truths
c) always result in major scientific breakthroughs
d) are tested but never rejected

The energy used by living things on Earth comes from
a) burning fossil fuels
b) the sun
c) waste products of photosynthesis
d) DNA in plant and animal cells

As proposed by Charles Darwin, life on Earth evolves by means of
a) speciation
b) mutation
c) homeostasis
d) natural selection

Segments of DNA molecules that give instructions for development are called
a) nucleic acids
b) nucleotides
c) genes
d) elements

Living things use energy to grow and move in a process called
a) metabolism
b) homeostasis
c) evolution
d) chemical bonds

Living things are made mostly of compounds that contain
a) carbohydrates
b) blood
c) carbon
d) scandium

Polysaccharides are formed
a) from amino acids and nucleotides
b) when sugars and proteins react
c) when animal fats are hydrogenated
d) by linking sugars together

Which of the following is not a characteristic property of life?
a) maintains homeostasis
b) uses energy
c) undergoes development
d) made of cells

Chemical bonds that result from the attraction of oppositely charged ions are called
a) covalent bonds
b) molecular bond
c) ionic bond
d) electronic bond

Which one of the following is not one of the four boiologically important macromolecules?
a) nucleic acids
b) carbonates
c) protien
d) lipids

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