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These rocks are formed when lava cools.
a) Igneous
b) Sedimentary
c) Metamorphic

Roots growing into a rock and breaking it apart is an example of ________.
a) Mechanical Weathering
b) Chemical Weathering
c) Mechanical Erosion
d) Chemical Erosion

Acid rain destroying a statue is an example of __________.
a) Chemical Weathering
b) Mechanical Weathering
c) Erosion

Rocks being carried down stream by water is an example of __________.
a) erosion
b) weathering

This type of fossil is created when remains of living things are transformed into rock.
a) Petrified Fossil
b) Imprint Fossil
c) Cast Fossil
d) Mold Fossil

This type of fossil is formed when minerals fill a mold deposit.
a) Cast
b) Trace
c) Amber
d) Imprint

Which fact is true about Relative Dating?
a) Give Scientists the estimated age of the rock/fossil.
b) Gives Scientists the exact age of the rock/fossil.
c) Measures the decay of a rock/fossil.
d) Uses Carbon atoms and/or Uranium atoms to determine the exact age.

Clearing forests for wood causes a loss of plant and animal life. This is an example of ______.
a) Deforestation
b) Urbanization
c) Desertification
d) Unionization

Many people living close together in one area causes diseases to spread rapidly. This is a cause/effect relationship of ________.
a) Urbanization
b) deforestation
c) desertification
d) unionization

Which is a disadvanatage for changing the flow of a river?
a) disrupts life in and around the river
b) provides drinking water
c) can be used to generate electricity
d) provides water for agriculture

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