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Why does the inner core always remain solid?
a) It is under a tremendous amount of pressure
b) The temperature is too cold
c) All the layers are solid
d) The scientists are still searching for clues

There are several locations around the world where the magnetic North and South of rocks does not match that of the Earth. This fact support the _______ theory.
a) Continental Drift
b) Tokyo Drift
c) Fast and Furious
d) Conduction Drift

Which statement is true of Convergent boundaries?
a) Plates are pushed together
b) Mountains are formed from plates coming together
c) Earthquakes occure where plates push together
d) all of the above

Which statement is true of Divergent boundaries?
a) plates move apart
b) often happens in oceans
c) when this happens under the sea, we call it sea floor spreading
d) all of the above

Which is NOT a characteristic of Folded mountains
a) have jagged edges
b) gentle slopes
c) dome appearance
d) formed by twisting and turning in a wave like pattern

Which Seismic wave(s) can travel through solids only?
a) S-waves and L-waves
b) P-waves and S-waves
c) P-waves and L-waves
d) only L-waves travel through solids

_______ volcanoes form when there is a series of violent and gentle eruptions that result in layers of lava and ash. These layers build up and form a tall cone. Many tall volcanic mountains are formed this way.
a) Composite
b) Cinder
c) Shield
d) Black Smoker

_______ volcanoes form slowly after gentle eruptions and oozing lava. These are low mounds with gentle slopes.
a) Composite
b) Cinder
c) Shield
d) Black Smoker

_______ volcanoes form when eruptions contain a lot of dust, ash and, cinders. The dust, ash, and cinders layer with the lava and form sloping mounds
a) Cinder
b) Composite
c) Black Smoker
d) Shield

____________ is a type of underwater volcano.
a) Black Smoker
b) Composite
c) Cinder
d) Shield

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