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What type of energy conversion is my cell phone ringing?
a) chemical to sound
b) light to electrical
c) thermal to nuclear
d) kinetic to potential

Which type of energy conversion is cooking a turkey in the oven?
a) electrical to thermal
b) nuclear to electrical
c) chemical to light
d) chemical to sound

When I grab my cup of coffee, I burned my finger on the mug. This is an example of _______.
a) conduction
b) convection
c) radiation
d) resignation

Sound waves need a medium to travel through. Which choice doesn't have a medium for sound?
a) Outer Space
b) a pool
c) my house
d) a classroom

If a sound has a low amplitude, it will produce a ______ sound.
a) soft
b) loud
c) screaching
d) lovely

We see the moon at night because sunlight bounces off of the moon's surface is an example of ______.
a) reflection
b) refraction
c) absorption
d) all of the above

______ is measured by the number of waves that pass a point in a given time.
a) Frequency
b) Amplitude
c) Crest
d) Trough

A campfire gives off ______ electromagnetic waves.
a) infrared waves
b) radio waves
c) gamma waves
d) x-rays

The only part of the electromagnetic spectrum that we can see is the ________.
a) microwave
b) radio wave
c) television wave
d) visible light waves

Which electromagnetic wave has the highest energy?
a) gamma waves
b) radio waves
c) infrared waves
d) microwaves

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