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6 grams = ________ milligrams
a) 6,000
b) 600
c) 60
d) .6

2 kiloliters = ______ liters
a) .0002
b) 20
c) .2000
d) 2,000

What does variable mean?
a) something that will not break
b) something that will not change
c) something that may break
d) something that may change

A hectometer is smaller than a _________.
a) centimeter
b) decimeter
c) kilometer
d) millimeter

3.5 meters = ________kilometers
a) 35.00
b) .0035
c) .035
d) 3.5

Which is NOT a step in the Scientific Method?
a) purpose
b) practice
c) conclusion
d) hypothesis

Which statement below is a hypothesis?
a) I predict plant A will grow faster with sunlight.
b) The results are that plant A did not grow faster than plant B.
c) I want to observe and test plants to find out how they grow.
d) First I placed 2 basil plants in different pots. One pot was in a dark room, the other was outside.

Which statement is true about theories?
a) Theories are always changing
b) Theories never change
c) A set of ideas that does NOT explain the natural world
d) Specific conclusions based on Science Experiments

What is a scientific law?
a) Laws were once theories
b) Laws tell us what happened in nature, but doesn't explain
c) Laws are based on different scientists view points
d) Scientific laws are enforced by police officers

What is science?
a) A process to use to investigate and learn
b) It attempts to explain the natural world
c) A process used by many people around the world
d) All of the above

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