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How can we prepare for this survey
a) Train all employees on all our service lines
b) Train all employees on Adult Day and Children's Services procedures
c) Update all our Standard Polices and Procedures to align with CARF requirements
d) Update Standard Polices and Procedures, train employees on company information and prepare client records for review

What is our goal for the survey?
a) To pass their audit
b) To receive accreditation
c) To receive three-year accreditation
d) To receive provisional accreditation

What information do they want to know about?
a) How we operate as an organization and provider of services; along with information on Adult Day and Children's Services
b) Only information on Adult Day and Children's Services
c) Information on Adult Day and Children's Services from all employees
d) Our written policies and procedures

What will happen when they come here?
a) They will require all departments to give them reports on their services
b) They will review our written documentations and ask staff questions to see if we are meeting their standards
c) They will only ask questions of Adult Day and Children's Services
d) They will meet with managers from all services lines and question them on our Standard Policies and Procedures

Curative currently has accreditation in which two services lines?
a) Adult Day and Residential Services
b) Senior and Residential Services
c) Adult Day and Children's Services
d) Children's Services and Case Management

Why do we want accreditation?
a) It shows we are committed to quality and others know we are a quality provider
b) United Way requires this accreditation to obtain funding
c) The state of Wisconsin will not renew our licensing as a rehabilitation facility without it
d) The original charter for our organization requires that we seek outside accreditation

What does accreditation mean?
a) A 5-star rating in the disability service industry
b) Authorizing our facilities as United Way approved agencies
c) Certification that we have met their standards
d) Certification that we are a member of their organization

What is CARF?
a) A statewide, financial auditing agency
b) International organization that sets quality standards for rehabilitation facilities
c) A non-profit organization that surveys services for adults with disabilities to make sure they are following federal laws
d) United Way's auditing agency that determines if we receive funding from them

Which is not part of our vision statement?
a) Premier provider of services
b) Exclusive services
c) Milwaukee county
d) Efficient services

What is not part of our values
a) Quality
b) Cost
c) Efficiency
d) Service

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