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Which of the following MUST you do for your project?
a) Change my middle name.
b) Go outside and play football instead of working on my presentation.
c) Teach my dog a new trick.
d) Keep track of my expenses.

Where did the money come from that you will use for your vacation?
a) Ms. Klemish had a bake sale in the gym.
b) I won the lottery!
c) I sold all my video games.
d) What? Vacations aren't free?

If you take your vacation in Aspen, Colorado, what continent will you be on?
a) Europe
b) United States
c) Africa
d) North America

Where did Ms. Klemish go on her dream vacation?
a) Maui, Hawaii
b) Punta Gorda, Florida
c) School! :-P
d) Rome, Italy

If you are going on vacation somewhere it's very cold, which of these items is NOT a good idea to bring?
a) Hat
b) Coat
c) Bathing Suit
d) Gloves

If your vacation is somewhere warm, which of these clothing items would you probably leave home?
a) Winter Coat
b) Bathing Suit
c) Flip-flops
d) Sunglass

Which continent is Italy located on?
a) Australia
b) Asia
c) South America
d) Europe

Your final presentation must include the following:
a) At least 5 activities.
b) The places you'll stay while you're there.
c) Pictures of your location/the activities you plan to do.
d) All of the above

In her video, which of these activities did Ms. Klemish say she would like to do?
a) Take surfing lessons.
b) Build a snowman.
c) Learn how to fly an airplane.
d) Sleep.

How much money are you allowed to spend on your vacation?
a) $15.25
b) A much as I want!
c) $20,000
d) My allowance for the week.

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