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A class is conducting an experiment on chemical reactions. At what point in the activity would a hypothesis be formed?
a) after experimenting and before forming a conclusion
b) after gathering information and before experimenting
c) after analyzing data and before repeating the experiment
d) after stating the problem and before gathering information

Rebecca conducted a study on the effects of sleep deprivation for twelfth-graders during midterm exams. She followed two groups of five students each. After two grading periods, she turned in the data she collected. Which steps were left out?
a) conclusion and communication
b) problem and hypothesis
c) experimentation and summation
d) research and analysis

A class is learning about acceleration due to gravity. Their plan is to climb a ladder and drop different kinds of balls from the same height at the same time. They will repeat this for ten trials and recording data. What is the independent variable?
a) the size and type of the balls
b) the speed at which the balls fall
c) the number of balls that are dropped
d) the height from which the balls are dropped

A group of students wanted to investigate a method to clean the polluted water in a nearby swamp. In their investigation, they tested various environmentally safe cleaning agents. They wanted to compare the different agents. What is the control?
a) polluted water
b) group of students
c) various cleaning agents
d) parks and recreation authorities

What two things MUST be present in an experiment for the experiment to be valid?
a) Control and variable
b) Expensive lab equipment and lab coats
c) Large amounts of data and many trials
d) Lengthy conclusion and publication

A statement as to why an event occurred that is the basis of an experiment is
a) a theory
b) a conclusion
c) a hypothesis
d) data

Data is another essential part of an experiment. Which of the following is an acceptable form of data communication?
a) Pie Chart
b) Line Graph
c) Bar Graph
d) All are acceptable

True or False :When forming a conclusion a scientist must evaluate the data collected during the experiment to determine if the data supports or denies the hypothesis before he or she can begin creating a conclusion
a) True
b) False

A qualitative observation would be
a) Little Ann's eyes are brown.
b) Lt. Dan has 6 toes on one foot.
c) My farm has 3 horses, 2 goats, and one bull
d) All are quantitative observations

Experiments should always be
a) All are correct
b) Unbiased
c) Repeatable
d) Controlled

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