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Which sentence contains a properly punctuated and capitalized direct quotation? Has to do with # 3
a) 1 Lana whispered, Shh! The baby is asleep.
b) 2 While hiking to the peak, Our guide said, Stay on the trails to be safe.
c) 3 Look at that deer nibbling the apples on the ground, said Becky.
d) 4 I'll tell you later, said Sarah, about the audition.

Which word best completes the sentence? The winning __________ captain came forward to accept the trophy. Has to do with # 1
a) 1 team's
b) 2 teams
c) 3 teams'

Which word best completes the sentence? I think __________ salsa recipe is better than mine.
a) your
b) you'r
c) you're

Which sentence correctly forms the plural of the letter f? Has to do with # 1
a) 1 Are there any f's in photograph?
b) 2 Are there any fs in photograph?
c) 3 Are there any fs' in photograph?

Which sentence uses commas and end marks correctly? Has to do with # 3
a) 1 Learn to recognize them, she encouraged, and you can detect these creatures in their habitats.
b) 2 Many insects find ways to fool their enemies. the instructor explained to the group.
c) 3 She added, Some insects live among branches and leaves.
d) 4 These insects resemble she said, parts of the plants themselves.

Which sentence uses correct capitalization? Has to do with # 4
a) 1 who runs the fastest and jumps the highest? wondered Susie.
b) 2 Lew chimed in, perhaps it is Nick.
c) 3 I'm not sure, answered Rob, But I think it might be Rose.
d) 4 There is no question, boasted Barbara, that I am the best athlete here.

Which sentence uses quotation marks correctly? Has to do with # 1
a) 1 Let's introduce ourselves to Miss Calvin, the new gymnastics instructor, said Mom.
b) 2 Perry explained, While we were there, it rained for three weeks straight.
c) 3 Did France or Spain once rule Haiti? Questioned Michelle.
d) 4 Carmen asked, What was Christopher Columbus's nationality, Spanish or Italian?

Which sentence is punctuated correctly? Has to do with # 4
a) 1 My little sister's favorite song is I'm a Little Teapot.
b) 2 On Friday, Jamie will recite the poem I Am an American.
c) 3 No, Katharine Mansfield's The Garden Party is not in this short story collection.
d) 4 Please read the article New Highway Plans Opposed in today's paper.

Which sentence is punctuated correctly? Has to do with # 4
a) 1 The train named the Maple Leaf travels between Toronto and Niagara Falls.
b) 2 Beginning space satellites, such as Sputnik, motivated America to enter the space race.
c) 3 The German battleship that sank during World War II in 1941 was called Bismarck.
d) 4 Did you know there is an American hospital ship named USNS Comfort?

Which sentence uses quotation marks correctly? Has to do with # 1
a) 1 John Reynolds Gardiner's book Stone Fox is an exciting tale about a dogsled race.
b) 2 Edgar Degas's painting The Star shows a ballerina dancing on a stage.
c) 3 The play called A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry is an American classic.
d) 4 Guy de Maupassant's short story A Piece of String is about a man trying to convince others of his innocence.

Which word in the sentence should be followed by a semicolon? Always swim with a buddy never swim alone. Has to do with # 1
a) 1 buddy
b) 2 never
c) 3 with

Which sentence does not use a colon correctly? Has to do with # 2
a) 1 We need the following information: names of the guests, table number, and luncheon choice.
b) 2 These gift bags are for: Mrs. Hernandez, Mr. Rollins, and Miss Crane.
c) 3 The art appreciation course explores these artists: Claude Monet, Leonardo da Vinci, and Vincent van Gogh.
d) 4 Here's what we have to do: fold your clothes, find the suitcases, and pack for the trip.

Which answer is not an acceptable way to hyphenate capitalize?
a) capi- talize
b) c- apitalize
c) cap- italize
d) capital- ize

In which sentence is the number written correctly? Has to do with # 3
a) 1 I set the oven at three-hundred seventy five degrees.
b) 2 Thirty seven people have responded to our invitation.
c) 3 I have a ticket for the deli counter; my number is twenty-three.

In which sentence is the fraction written correctly? as to do with # 3
a) 1 Is 0.33 the same as one third?
b) 2 We painted two-thirds of the room this morning.
c) 3 I added one half teaspoon of garlic powder to the chili.

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