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Anne Williams's development of an antitoxin to diphtheria in the 1890s guaranteed ___ in the spread of this deadly disease among children.
a) intervention
b) transgression
c) obituary
d) ambience

When the singer and African-American activist Paul Robeson died, many were surprised to read in his ___ that he had lived the final years of his life quietly in Philadelphia.
a) exodus
b) aberration
c) intervention
d) obituary

Historically, the Amish people have forbidden the use of modern conveniences; many consider ownership of an automobile a(n)___ of community law. Has to do with transgression.
a) ambience
b) trangression
c) intervention
d) exodus

A direct object follows a ___ verb. Has to do with transitive.
a) transitive
b) transient
c) translucent
d) transitory

Acne is a(n) ___ skin problem that afflicts chiefly teenagers and generally fades away in adulthood. Has to do with transitory
a) devious
b) exodus
c) transitory
d) transitive

In 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Jules Verne creates a(n) ___ in which giant and colorful sea creatures stalk their prey. Has to do with ambience.
a) aberration
b) ambience
c) transgression
d) obituary

obituary : newspaper is similar to episode : book
a) advent : arrival
b) episode : book
c) ambience : place
d) telepathy : magazines

erratic : irregular is similar to deviant : abnormal
a) ambient : cloudy
b) telepathic : thoughtful
c) deviant : abnormal
d) transitive : past

Which of the following objects can be both impervious and translucent? Has to do with glass
a) cardboard
b) glass
c) steel
d) wood

Which word does not describe a person? Has to do with transitive.
a) devious
b) erratic
c) itinerant
d) transitive

Which word does not include the idea of travel in its Greek or Latin root? Has to do with episode.
a) episode
b) exodus
c) itinerary
d) transient

Which Greek derivative does not include the idea of leaving the path? Has to do with telepathy
a) deviate
b) devious
c) erratic
d) telepathy

Which word has a root meaning light?
a) ambience
b) impervious
c) transitive
d) translucent

Every August, Parisians make an ___ to the countryside, leaving the hot city to foreign tourists. Has to do with exodus.
a) aberration
b) ambience
c) exodus
d) itinerant

In 1971, Stephanie Kwolek patented Kevlar, a fiber that can be woven into armor-like fabric that is ___ to most bullets. Has to do with impervious.
a) devious
b) impervious
c) transient
d) transitive

Historians have not been able to trace Hannibal's ___ over the Alps; the bones of the elephants that died on the route have not been found. Has to do with itinerary
a) aberration
b) episode
c) itinerary
d) obituary

Coming from all over the United States, men named Bob ___ every July in Talent, Oregon, to celebrate Bob Day. Another word for with-together. Has to do with convene.
a) convene
b) deviate
c) intervene
d) transgress

With the ___ of Madame C.J. Walker's hair-care products, African-American women were easily able to purchase products designed just for them. Has to do with advent.
a) advent
b) erratic
c) telepathic
d) transitory

Frequent changes in fashions indicate that styles are usually ___. Has to do with transitory.
a) transitive
b) transitory
c) inpervious
d) devious

The initial failure of the Hubble telescope resulted from a tiny ___ in the lens. Has to do with aberration
a) transgression
b) intervention
c) aberration
d) exodus

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