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How did Rainbow fish feel when the other fish starting playing with him again.
a) Happy
b) Sad

Why was he happy?
a) He felt good to share
b) He didn't like his scales

What did the other fish do after he shared his scales?
a) didn't play with him
b) laughed at him
c) started playing with him again

How did Rainbow Fish feel after he gave his scales to the other fish?
a) sad
b) mad
c) happy

What did the octopus tell him?
a) To keep all his glittery scales
b) To take the other fishes scales
c) To give the other fishes some of his glittering scales.

Who did Rainbow Fish seek out advice from?
a) his mother
b) a shark
c) his dad
d) octopus

What happened with Rainbow Fish's friends after he was mean?
a) They kept playing with him.
b) Gave him their scales
c) Ignored him.

How was rainbow Fish's reaction?
a) Nice
b) Mean
c) Thoughtful

What did the little blue fish want Rainbow fish to give him?
a) seaweed
b) Water
c) red scale
d) shimmery scale

What is the moral of the story
a) To share and people will appreciate you
b) To be selfish and have no friends

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