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A star is said to be born when
a) a protostar reaches a temperature high enough for nuclear fusion to begin
b) a red giant collapses on itself and becomes a black hole
c) pressure within a protostar becomes so great that a supernova occurs
d) a dark, cool interstellar cloud begins to contract

Which force is most responsible for the formation of a star
a) gravity
b) nuclear force
c) interstellar force
d) electromagnetic force

Massive stars terminate in a brilliant explosion called a
a) red giant
b) protostar
c) neutron star
d) supernova

All stars, regardless of size, eventually
a) turn into black dwarfs
b) explode
c) run out of fuel and collapse
d) become black holes

In the cores of extremely hot red giants, nuclear reactions convert helium to
a) carbon
b) hydrogen
c) lead
d) argon

When a main sequences star has exhausted the fuel in tis cores, it becomes a
a) black hole
b) black dwarf
c) neutron star
d) red giant

Where is our sun located in the Milky Way
a) within one of the spiral arms
b) at the exact center of the galactic nuclues
c) at the tip of one of the spiral arms
d) in the galactic halo

According to Hubble\'s Law, galaxies are retreating at a speed that is proportional to their
a) orientation
b) mass
c) galactic position
d) distance

Based on the observed red shifts in the spectral lines of distant galaxies, astonomers conclude that
a) Earth is at the center of the universe
b) the universe is smaller than once believed
c) the universe is expanding
d) the universe is contracting

Greater red shifts in the spectra of glaxies indicate
a) faster speeds
b) slower speeds
c) higher temperatures
d) lower temperatures

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