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A moving car will have these types of forces acting on it?
a) Attractions
b) Balanced
c) No forces
d) Unbalanced

As 2 cars drive away from each other, what happens to the force of gravity between them?
a) It increases.
b) It decreases.
c) It is eliminiated.
d) It changes.

A magnet on a fridge is an example of what type of force?
a) Contact force
b) Force of Gravity
c) Distance force
d) Applied Force

If 2 magnets come together with the smae poles, what will happen?
a) Nothing
b) They will attract.
c) The will ignite.
d) They will repel.

When I hit a golf ball with a club, this an example of which type of force?
a) Distance force
b) Applied force
c) Contact force
d) Moving force

What are the possible electric charges?
a) Positive
b) Positive and Negative.
c) Negative and Neutral.
d) Positive, Negative and Neutral.

When you play tug or war and no one wins, this is an exampled of which type of force?
a) Balanced
b) Applied
c) Contact
d) unbalanced

If I try to bring a positive magnet to a neutral magnet, what will happen?
a) They will repel.
b) They will attract.
c) Nothing will happen.
d) They will be neutral.

The amount of matter that makes up my bike is its what?
a) weight
b) mass
c) volume
d) density

A ball will fall faster than a plate because it has less what?
a) mass
b) weight
c) air resistence
d) gravity

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