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What word means to cancel out or invalidate?
a) compromise
b) nullify
c) impeach
d) concede

What made it possible to build a railroad from New Orleans to the West Coast?
a) Kansas-Nebraska Act
b) Compromise of 1850
c) Compromise of 1820
d) Gadsen Purchase

What is the term for a person who is killed because of their beliefs?
a) terrorist
b) saint
c) martyr
d) politician

Who was the inventor of the cotton gin?
a) Stephen Douglass
b) Abraham Lincoln
c) Eli Whitney
d) Dred Scott

What bill repealed the Missouri Compromise of 1820?
a) Gadsen Purchase
b) Kansas-Nebraska Act
c) Compromise of 1850
d) Gettysburg Address

Who was known as the President of the Underground Railroad?
a) John Brown
b) Booker T. Washington
c) Garrett Smith
d) Levi Coffin

Who wrote the novel Uncle Tom's Cabin?
a) Harriet Beecher Stowe
b) Julia Ward Howe
c) Harriet Tubman
d) William Lloyd Garrison

Who was the first slave to try and sue for his freedom?
a) Frederick Douglass
b) Dred Scott
c) Nat Turner
d) Booker T. Washington

In what year was Kansas admitted as a free state?
a) 1860
b) 1861
c) 1862
d) 1863

Who won the Presidential Election of 1860?
a) Abraham Lincoln
b) Thomas Jefferson
c) Ulysses S. Grant
d) Stephen Douglas

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