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Marketing activities involved in making products available to customers; includes distribution
a) product
b) place
c) price
d) promotion

A concept, cause, issue, image or philosophy that can be marketed
a) idea
b) good
c) service
d) customer

The specific group of customers whose needs a company will focus on satisfying
a) customers
b) individuals
c) target market
d) business

Product, place, price, and promotion
a) targert market
b) marketing plan
c) forecast
d) Four Ps

Dynamic activities that focus on the customer to generate a profitable exchange
a) marketing plan
b) promotion
c) customer service
d) marketing

Process of telling people about the product and the company that offers it
a) promotion
b) marketing
c) target market
d) customer service

A guide that helps a company avoid such pitfalls as lost sales, lost opportunities, and poor product planning
a) marketing plan
b) target market
c) SWOT analysis
d) distribution

Process of physically delivering goods to customers
a) place
b) distribution
c) forecast
d) marketing

Plan of action for marketing a product; it consists of the decisions made about each of the Four P’s.
a) marketing plan
b) SWOT analysis
c) marketing mix
d) promotion

A prediction of future sales and revenue
a) idea
b) forecast
c) marketing
d) target market

A process by which a company can determine its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats
a) marketing plan
b) marketing mix
c) SWOT analysis
d) forecast

Marketing focuses on the customer because
a) customers stay the same, even as the world around them changes.
b) each customer is a person with a life story.
c) other parts of business are hard to understand.
d) to be successful, businesses must sell products that customers will buy.

A TV, TV repair and a TV message to buckle your seatbelt are all examples of
a) concepts
b) products
c) profits
d) thoughtful gifts

Marketers study what customers want and need, then they
a) carefully record what they learn.
b) compare those wants and needs with their own.
c) develop and market products to meet those needs.
d) send the results to the customers.

Getting more ice cream delivered when the store is running out is part of this marketing element.
a) product
b) place
c) price
d) promotion

A mail-order catalog delivered to a customer’s home is part of
a) product
b) place
c) price
d) promotion

The marketer who advertises wheelchairs in a surfing magazine does not know how to develop a successful
a) customer service
b) marketing mix
c) product plan
d) target market

Promotion focused on promoting a positive image of the company is called
a) messaging
b) a product-free campaign
c) public relations
d) self-promotion

When a manufacturer buys cotton to make shirts, the manufacturer is considered a(n)
a) busines
b) customer
c) organization
d) seller

Before developing the marketing mix for a product, marketers should know the
a) advertising budget
b) distribution plan
c) product price
d) target market

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