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Which of the following issues helped lead to the Civil War
a) Southerners felt burdened by unfair taxes
b) the leaders of the North and South argued over states rights
c) Northerners wanted to extend slavery into western territories
d) the election of Abraham Lincoln in 1860 caused Northerners to fear that slavery would spread

How many branches of government does the current Texas Constituion allow?
a) 2
b) 3
c) 6
d) 5

How did Patillo Higgins contribute to the oil industry in Texas?
a) HE held the belief that oil could be found at Spindletop
b) He was responsible for making the east Texas oil field discovery
c) He began off-shore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico
d) HE built the first oil derrick in the World

What does annexation mean?
a) to get rid of slavery
b) to move around
c) to join another state or nation
d) to secede

What does secede mean?
a) to break away from (another state or nation)
b) to join to (another state or nation)
c) to hate slavery
d) to get really angry

What does abolish mean?
a) to get rid off
b) to hate
c) to forbid
d) to love

What side did Texas fight on in the Civil War?
a) the union
b) the west side
c) the confederacy
d) the east side

Who is the governor of Texas?
a) Rick Jones
b) Perry Anson
c) Mirabeau Johnson
d) Rick Perry

What crops grow in Texas?
a) Wheat and Cotton
b) Pineapples
c) Strawberries
d) Cilantro

Which of the following men was President of the REpublic of Texas TWICE
a) Stephen F Austin
b) Mirabeau B Lamar
c) Sam Houston
d) Lou Jones

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