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Which document is an example of a primary source?
a) A textbook on Texas history
b) An encyclopedia article on the Jumano indians
c) A novel on the Age of exploration
d) The diary of Stephen F. Austin written while in a Mexican Jail

To stop raids by Native Americans, Texas President Sam Houston enlisted the help of the--
a) Texas Rangers
b) army
c) navy
d) Spanish

Many Mexicans came to Texas after the Texas Revolution because of the
a) gold and silver
b) jobs in the fishing industry
c) oppurtunity to own land
d) heavy Taxes in Mexico

What additional piece of land doubledthe size of the US and left questions about the boundaries of Texas?
a) Florida Purchase
b) Mexican Cession
c) Gasden Purchase
d) Louisiana Purchase

The belief that the US had the right to expand to the Pacific Ocean was called=
a) Manifest Destiny
b) inevitable progress
c) executive privelege
d) preordained fate

The invention of barbed wire led to
a) an increase in the cattle population
b) unhappy sheep ranchers
c) cooperation between Native Americans and ranchers
d) the end of the open range ranching in Texas

Like the US constitution the Texas Constitution limits the powers of each branch of government through a system called--
a) checks and balances
b) popular sovereignty
c) home-rule
d) limited government

'we pledge our lives and fortunes in support...of those distinguished leaders who are gallantly fighting in defnese of civil liberty-Texasn colonist Expressing their support for Santa Anna...What are the colonists pledging to Mexico's president?
a) Disloyalty
b) Caution
c) Loyalty
d) Fear

'War is raging on the frontiers. Bejar is beseiged by 2000 of the enemy. By the last report, our force in Bejar was only 150. The citizens of Texas must rally to the aid of our army, or it will perish. Independence is declared, it must be maintained
a) Houston thinks the Texans should be ashamed of themselves
b) Houston thinks the alamo should be avenged
c) Houston thinks the enemy will destroy Texans if Texans do not defend themselves
d) Houston thinks the enemy has reinforcements

The last battle of the Civil War was fought in Texas. Where was it fought?
a) Sabine Pass
b) Galveston
c) Along the REd River
d) Palmito Ranch

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