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1773-4 Spanish Missions closed in Texas, 1776-Dec. of Indep Signed in US, 1779 Town of Nacogdoches founded, 1783-Britain and America signed peace treaty, 1819- Adams-Onis Treaty sets Texas's eastern border___The town of Nacogdoches was founded...
a) before America declared it's independence
b) after America declared its independence
c) after the US bought Louisiana from France
d) after Britain and America signed a peace treaty

'People from all over the US are migrating to Texas...drawn by job oppurtunities and the outstanding quality of life that makes so many of us want to call Texas Home'-M. Ray Perryman, San Antonio Business Journal
a) The climate
b) Access to open land
c) Low Taxes
d) Job oppurtunities and the Quality of Life

The Coastal Plains Region is the most populated region in Texas primarily due to
a) its location to oklahoma
b) its numerous water resources and mild climate
c) its hills and valleys
d) its vast grasslands and low rainfall

The Coastal Plains has more _______ than the mountains and basins region
a) Rivers
b) Mountains
c) Deserts
d) Canyons

In Response to La Salle's Activiies in Texas, the Spanish-
a) began to form settlements and missions in East Texas
b) gave up claims to Texas
c) attacked the French settlers
d) tried to sign a treaty with the French

The spanish soldiers who sought wealth and Glory were...
a) missionaries
b) friars
c) conquistadors
d) monarchs

Colonel Neil and Travis Occupy the Alamo-Colonel Travis sends his letter 'to the people of Texas' appealing for more troops-after the battle of the Alamo Mexican troops win control of the Alamo-Which of the following events completed the flowchart?
a) Heavy Spring Rains posed a problem for Mexican Forces
b) The Mexican Army lost its commander, Santa Anna
c) Texans were captured at Coleto Creek, then executed at Goliad
d) Travis's letter mobilized troops and supplies

In what year did the Alamo and most important events in the Texas revolution occur?
a) 1835
b) 1836
c) `1837
d) 1839

What was one of the goals of the mission-presidio system in Texas?
a) To transform Native Americans into Christians and loyal Spanish subjects
b) to prevent filibusters from causing trouble in Texas
c) to teach Spanish military practices
d) to take control of New Spain from the United States

Which Texas President was AGAINST annexation of Texas by the US, ORDERED the Cherokees out of Texas, MOVED the capital to Austin, Texas, TEXAS DEBT rose to 7 million, EDUCATION was a top priority, BOUGHT ships for Texas Navy
a) Sam Houston
b) Mirabeau B. Lamar
c) Anson Jones
d) James Polk

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