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In what state did I grow up?
a) Tennessee
b) Colorado
c) New Jersey
d) Texas

How many children do I have?
a) One
b) Two
c) Three
d) Four

Where did I go to college?
a) University of Tennessee
b) University of Florida
c) University of New York
d) University of Virginia

I will eat almost any type of food except...
a) meatloaf
b) sushi
c) brussel sprouts
d) eggplant

I taught high school and college in Colorado, but while there I was also a...
a) magician
b) chef
c) bellydancer
d) nanny

Which of these is NOT something I love to do?
a) gardening
b) skiing
c) backpacking
d) reading

Before I taught technology, I used to teach
a) math
b) Spanish
c) science
d) preschool

I love to travel! Which of these places have I NOT traveled to (but would like to someday)
a) Galapagos Islands
b) Ireland
c) Norway
d) Costa Rica

My favorite thing to do with technology is...
a) create digital photos and share with my friends and family
b) use the internet to research interesting things
c) download audiobooks to listen to on my iphone while cleaning my house
d) all of the above

During my teaching career I have taught students in every grade except
a) 11th
b) 8th
c) 3rd
d) kindergarten

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