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They ___ fast.
a) are
b) is
c) am
d) isn't

____ healthy.
a) He am
b) They is
c) I am
d) We is

They are
a) Ja jestem
b) Oni sa
c) Ty jestes
d) My jestesmy

Jakie jest przeczenie zdania: We are ill.
a) You are not ill.
b) They are not ill.
c) We is not ill.
d) We are not ill.

Uloz pytanie do: He is tall.
a) Is he tall?
b) He is tall?
c) He isn't tall.
d) Are he tall?

Wy jestescie leccy.
a) They are light.
b) We are light.
c) You are light.
d) You is light.

Czy ona jest pielegniarka?
a) Is he a nurse?
b) She is a nurse?
c) She is not a nurse?
d) Is she a nurse?

Ktora odpowiedz jest niepoprawna?
a) I am
b) We are
c) You is
d) He is

Stworz pytanie do: I am a doctor.
a) Are I a doctor?
b) Am I a doctor?
c) I am not a doctor?
d) Is I a doctor?

Ola to fajna dziewczynka.
a) Ola is a nice girl.
b) Ola are a nice girl.
c) Ola is not a nice girl.
d) Is Ola a nice girl.

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