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What color is the sky?
a) Blue
b) Orange
c) Purple
d) Yellow

What color is the sun?
a) Blue
b) Green
c) Purple
d) Yellow

What color is the grass?
a) Orange
b) Pink
c) Blue
d) Green

What is the capital of MO?
a) Springfield
b) Nixa
c) Jefferson City
d) Kansas City

What is type of animal is a labrador retriever?
a) Dog
b) Cat
c) Chicken
d) Cow

A cow makes....
a) Milk
b) Soda
c) Ice Cream
d) Popsicles

What is a Kindle Fire?
a) A tablet
b) A book
c) A computer
d) A song

What is the name of Kansas City's professional soccer team?
a) K.C. Sporting
b) Real Madrid
c) Chicago Fire
d) LA Galaxy

Which player plays for KC Sporting?
a) David Beckham
b) Graham Zusi
c) Landon Donovan
d) Henri

What is the name of Kansas City's football team?
a) The Chiefs
b) The Redskins
c) The Patriots
d) The Broncos

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