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What did the 15th amendment allow?
a) racial minorities to vote
b) 18 year olds to vote
c) women to vote
d) 21 year olds to vote

Which example involves changing foreign policy?
a) Congress lifting the oil embargo on a formerly communist gov't.
b) A Supreme Court hearing on worker discrimination based on national origin
c) Congress voting to construct an aid center in Florida for political ref ugees
d) A Supreme Court justice taking on a case involving his country of birth

What did the 26th amendment allow?
a) racial minorities to vote
b) 18 year olds to vote
c) women to vote
d) 21 year olds to vote

A more informed society has resulted from which constitutional protection?
a) Free speech
b) Trial by Jury
c) Right to bear arms
d) Due process

Which situation does NOT involve a right protected by the Bill of Rights?
a) Freedom to write my opinions in the local newspaper
b) The ability to own a gun, as long as I follow laws
c) Freedom to join the church of my choosing
d) The gurantee of a well paying job.

What is the term used in the Fourteenth Amendment to describe persons who are born or naturalized in the United States?
a) aliens
b) immigrants
c) citizens
d) residents

What is a government that is run by the people, either directly or indirectly?
a) Communism
b) Autocracy
c) Oligarchy
d) Democracy

Which viewpoint was common among Anti-Federalists?
a) There is no need for a separate Bill of Rights.
b) The Constitution does not give enough power to its States.
c) The Constitution will not strengthen the government.
d) A strong national government will protect the people in times of crisis.

What does the phrase, insure domestic tranquility, in the Preamble of the Constitution mean?
a) Give land to the homeless.
b) Fight wars on foreign soil.
c) Keep the homeland at peace.
d) Provide citizens with insurance.

The US Supreme Court declares a law created by Congress unconstitutional. This is an example of...
a) separation of powers
b) checks and balances
c) judicial review
d) individual rights

Which of the following was a weakness of the Articles of Confederation?
a) The government did not have a separate judicial branch.
b) The judicial branch of government was too strong.
c) The president was able to spend taxes too freely.
d) The government had too much power over trade.

Which action involves citizen participation in the United Nations?
a) Volunteering to give tours of the grounds
b) Reading about current international issues
c) Working as a member of UNICEF
d) Teaching international relations at the local university

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