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What are the 'pro's' and 'con's' of terraforming?
a) It will take a long time to creaet and those who start the project won't be around when it is completed
b) it disrupts the environment, but the environment on Mars is already ruined.
c) It will give us a place to live in case something happens to the earth.
d) It can help with overpopulation and help save our animals, but it will take a long time and may damage its environment.

Reread this statement from the passage 'Most prominent scientist in the United States and other nations believe that the benefits of the program far outweigh the the drawbacks' What propaganda technique is the author using in this statement?
a) peer pressure
b) expert opinion
c) bandwagon
d) repetition

If the author added the statement 'Trees provide a place for birds to rest and build nests.' Which paragraph would be the best place for it?
a) paragraph 3
b) paragraph 4
c) paragraph 5
d) paragraph 6

What is the author's specific purpose for writing this passage?
a) To persuade readers that colonizing Mars is essential.
b) To persuade readers to learn more about how Mars and Earth are alike.
c) To persuade readers that making Mars more like Earth is a good idea
d) To persuade readers to read science fiction literature about Mars.

Which statement from the passage includes an example of loaded terms?
a) Making Mars more like Earth would include a process called terraforming.
b) ...environment changes on Earth have produced some negative effects.
c) ... could ease overpopulation or help preserve the poor endangered species of our planet
d) Mars might one day be known as the Green Planet

Which statement from the passage includes a false assumption or generalization?
a) Scientist now wonder not only whether life exists on Mars but also whether it can exist there in the future.
b) It may even be possible to create an environment that can support life
c) These people don't appreciate the benefits we'd receive from moving forward with this project
d) The terraforming of Mars could become a reality during the 21st century

What is the author's specific purpose for writing this passage?
a) To persuade readers that a day should be set aside to honor Julius Sterling Morton
b) To persuade readers to plant trees in their neighborhoods
c) To persuade readers to fund studies that investigate the benefits of planting trees.
d) To persuade readers to find out more about Julius Sterling Morton.

What is the main purpose of this newspaper article?
a) To convince readers to plant trees in celebration of Arbor Day.
b) to inform readers on the history of Arbor Day
c) To focus national attention on an overlooked holiday
d) To contribute to a city debate on how Arbor Day should be celebrated

Read the following excerpt from the passage 'Who doesn't enjoy sitting under a tree on a sunny day and listening to birds singing from its branches?' This is an example of -
a) loaded terms
b) a caricature
c) a leading question
d) an incorrect premise

Which statement from the passage includes loaded terms?
a) Today the national mission begun by Morton is more important than ever.
b) However, there are many other benefits as well.
c) Furthermore, each year the average tree absorbs ten pounds of pollutants...
d) They provide welcome shade during our brutal heat waves, helping alleviate a stressful situation.

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