Hoptingley History Test Question Preview (ID: 20131)

Hoptingley Is Now A Place You Can Call Home. You Will Spend Your Next Seven Years In This Huge Magical School Learning About Strange Creatures, Celltic Places And Magical Spells But You Cannot Imagine Succede Without Knowing About Hopetingley History...

How many warnings can you get before being officialy expelled?
a) 3
b) 1
c) 6
d) 4

Once your admission to Hoptingley you have to chose a house among four which one of those does not exist?
a) Owlfeather
b) Windblowstraight
c) snakesurroundborder
d) Salixior

If you get hurt you can refer to...
a) Mrs Melusine
b) Mr Scorthleg
c) Lady Onetulipe
d) Mr Bradleycoup

Hoptingley curfew is at... (please respect it)
a) 9pm
b) 10pm
c) 11pm
d) At 10:30pm

Hoptingley School is best known for...
a) Its blood unicorn candies
b) being the best magical school
c) because of its history
d) because someone was murdered

Why was this spell forbidden in 1951?
a) Because it has nothing to do with magical education
b) Because someone got killed intentionally by this spell
c) Because it brought too many toadstwoheads in the school
d) Because this spell is too powerful to be use by student

Among the following spells, which one is forbidden in Hoptingley school?
a) The Ratiolus
b) The Expemolix
c) The Malouipolus
d) The bagetapolix

Hoptingley School is situates...
a) Earthwormstown
b) Battmeads
c) Hoptingley Hollow
d) Solyxia

Who created Hoptingley?
a) Lord Rat Sewer
b) Nabo Windblow
c) Torphenoy Toadtwoheads
d) Lady Sapphiros

When was created Hoptingley?
a) 1459
b) 1237
c) 1975
d) 1993

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