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The James Webb Space Telescope will study
a) Xrays
b) gamma rays
c) infrared readiation
d) radio waves

Chromatic abberation
a) bloks stars from most telescopes
b) weakens the image of stars
c) makes stars appear much larger thanthey are
d) makes images of stars appear sideways

What was the first space telescope telescope built by NASA
a) Hubble Space Telescope
b) Chandra XRay Observatory
c) Compton Gamma Ray Observatory
d) James Webb Space Telescope

The outermost layerof the sun is called the
a) ionosphere
b) photosphere
c) corona
d) chromosphere

The sun's surface has a grainy texture produced by numerous bright markings called
a) granules
b) umbras
c) sun spots
d) solar flares

Strams of electrons and protons that shoot out from the sun's corona make up the solar
a) atmosphere
b) wind
c) rays
d) granules

What are the most explosive events that occur on the sun
a) umbras
b) prominences
c) solar flares
d) solar winds

By observing sunspots, Galileo concluded that the sun
a) was dying
b) was solid
c) rotates on its axis
d) dimmed and brightenend

Sunspots appear dark because they are
a) relatively cool
b) relatively hot
c) deep holes
d) solid areas

The source of the sun's energy is
a) chemical burning
b) nuclear fission
c) nuclear fusion
d) photosynthesis

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