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What is the main idea of the first paragraph on page 41?
a) There are different kinds of adventurers
b) Extreme Sporting adventurers share the same qualities needed to succeed the limits.
c) Anyone can have determination, stamina, and self-belief.
d) BASE jumping is from Buildings, Antennae, Spans, and Earth.

According to the timeline on page 42, which statement is true.
a) Jure Robic is killed before Steve Fisher accomplishes his greatest feat - kayaking the Inga Rapid on the Congo.
b) Mohamad Ahansal wins the Marathon des Sables and set a world record in 2009.
c) Grace van der Byl is the first woman to finish the Alcatraz Challenge Swim after winning the 8 Bridge Hudson River Swim.
d) The Race2Recovery team wins the Dakar Rally in 2013.

What was the purpose of this book?
a) To inform us about extreme athletes and what they endure in their sport.
b) To entertain us with exciting feats.
c) To instruct us on how to get involved in these extreme sports.
d) To persuade us to become extreme athletes.

Which statement is a fact about the extreme cyclist Jure Robic?
a) He is in great shape
b) He won the Race Across America.
c) He rode his bike through Denver in the Race Across America.
d) He managed a lot of sleep while he rode his bike across America.

Which item does Anne-Flore Marxer NOT carry with her when she freerides on her snowboard?
a) a flashlight
b) a shovel
c) a helmet camera
d) a transceiver

From the passage we can conclude that 'freeriding' is-
a) snowboarding without paying for your equipment.
b) snowboarding in the wild, backcountry.
c) an easy sport.
d) very safe for the average person.

From the passage on page 33, we can infer that-
a) Mt. Everest is not in Austraila
b) Mt. Everest is not in Asia
c) Mt. Everest is not in Africa
d) Mt. Everest is not in South America

What did Steve Fisher consider his greatest accomplishment?
a) Creating the 'freewheel' move that has him doing a flip off of a water fall.
b) Descending the Upper Gorge of the TsangPo River in Tibet.
c) Paddling the Inga Rapids on the Congo River.
d) Dropping off a 30 foot water fall in Washington during the Extreme Kayak Finals in 2002.

Steve Fishers sporting career can be best summarized by the following statement.
a) He created many kayaking freestyle tricks, including the freewheel, air-screw, helix, flip turn, silly flip, and the pan-am.
b) He has explore some of the worlds most dangerous rivers in a kayak. These rivers were in Burma, China, and Tibet.
c) He started kayaking at age 6 in competitions in South Africa and then explored some of the worlds most dangerous rivers
d) He competed in kayak competitions as a child, and then created freestyle tricks and explored dangerous rivers of the world

Why was the information about Erik Boomer and Jon Turk added to the story about Steve Fisher?
a) They were friends
b) It was a mistake by the author
c) The author wanted to show that other people use kayaks for extreme exploring
d) The information was added to distract you.

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