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What sized star is the Sun?
a) Dwarf
b) Medium
c) Giant
d) Super Giant

Constellations are..
a) groups of stars, gas, and dust held together by gravity.
b) large bodies of ice and rock that travel around the Sun in an elliptical orbit.
c) made up of the eight planets and numerous other objects that orbit the Sun
d) groups of stars that form patterns in the sky.

Fragile objects in outer space which are made from a mixture of rock and frozen gas are…
a) Asteroids
b) Meteoroids
c) Comets
d) Meteorites

Dust and rocks that are from outer space that hit Earth’s surface are called…
a) Asteroids
b) Meteoroids
c) Comets
d) Meteorites

Dwarf planets are different from ‘regular‘ planets because…
a) They are not Spherical
b) Their orbits are not cleared
c) They don’t revolve around stars
d) They are in another Solar System

Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars are all categorized as…
a) Inner Planets
b) Outer Planets
c) Galaxies
d) Stars

A ---?--- is made up of a star and the objects that revolve around it.
a) Galaxy
b) Solar System
c) Milky Way
d) Universe

Which phase of the Moon is this?---- It is less than half full and growing towards the full Moon phase.
a) Waxing Gibbous
b) Waning Gibbous
c) Waxing Crescent
d) Waning Crescent

Which one describes the Summer Solstice?
a) the Northern Hemisphere is leaning towards the Sun.
b) the Earth’s axis is not leaning towards nor away from the Sun.
c) the Southern Hemisphere is leaning towards Sun.
d) Night and day are the same length.

The expanse of all space, matter, and energy that exists today since the beginning.
a) Solar System
b) Universe
c) Stars
d) Galaxy

The ---?--- has more room for astronauts to live and work and might be used for launching future missions to the Moon and Mars.
a) Space Shuttle
b) International Space Station
c) James Webb Space Telescope
d) Cassini

Optical and Specialized are the two types of…
a) Galaxies
b) Satellites
c) Stars
d) Telescopes

Which one is NOT a reason why we study astronomy?
a) Awareness of surroundings
b) Communicate with other life in the Universe
c) Tides,seasons, time, geographical direction, radiation
d) Materials, devices, and technology designed, for studying space benefit life on Earth.

The most dangerous component of a hurricane is the…
a) thunder + lightning
b) tornadoes
c) wind + hail
d) storm surge

A cluster of billions of stars held together by gravity.
a) Solar System
b) Universe
c) Stars
d) Galaxy

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