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Which one is NOT a reason why oceanographers study the ocean?
a) Locate and obtain resources
b) Forecast weather
c) Offshore industries
d) Limit circulation

Which one is NOT a way we study/explore the oceans?
a) Shipping
c) S.C.U.B.A.
d) submersibles

Ocean surface currents are categorized by…
a) salinity
b) density
c) temperature
d) the moon

Which one is NOT TRUE about Warm Surface Currents?
a) Temperature is 10-15 degrees less than surrounding water
b) Transport heat to colder areas of earth.
c) Temp. range from 68-95 degrees F
d) Flow from equator towards poles.

The regular everyday constant repetitive Ocean Waves are caused by…
a) the earth’s magnetic field.
b) wind.
c) gravity of moon.
d) animals

a) are the daily rise and fall in sea level caused by gravitational pull of the Moon.
b) result in the increased salinity of the ocean.
c) are caused by the spinning movement of the Earth.
d) form because of ocean currents

Neap tides have --?-- than normal Low tides?
a) colder
b) lower
c) higher
d) faster

Which one is NOT TRUE about when rip tides form?
a) Strong waves create underwater sandbars
b) Occur after earthquakes.
c) Water is forced through gaps in sandbars.
d) At breaks in sandbars.

Which one names the two major regions of the Structure of the Ocean Floor?
a) Mid-ocean ridge and hydrothermal vents
b) Abyssal plain + Ocean basin
c) continental shelf + continental slope
d) Continental margin + Ocean basin

Which one refers to the ocean’s ‘dark zone’?
a) euphotic
b) disphotic
c) aphotic
d) nophotic

Which one is NOT one of the 3 parts of the Ocean Basin.
a) Mid-ocean ridge
b) Abyssal Plain
c) Deep-ocean trench
d) Continental slope

Earth’s atmosphere consists of 5 layers defined by…
a) width + length
b) volume+ mass
c) pressure+humidity
d) temperature + altitude

The --?-- is the layer of the atmosphere where all weather takes place.
a) Exosphere
b) Ionosphere
c) Thermosphere
d) Troposphere

The measure of the amount of water vapor in the atmosphere.
a) Humidity
b) Atmospheric pressure
c) Front
d) Precipitation

Which one is NOT true about Cumulus clouds?
a) Name means‘curl’
b) Fair weather clouds
c) Puffy+white
d) Name means ‘heap up’

Where air masses of different temperatures meet.
a) air mass
b) front
c) gas percentage
d) H L pressure centers

High pressure centers are usually associated with --?-- weather?
a) cold
b) rainy
c) severe
d) fair

Which type of severe weather often forms on the edges of cold fronts, as cold air pushes warm moist air up.
a) Hurricane
b) Tornado
c) Earthquake
d) Thunderstorm

Which one is NOT needed to form a tornado?
a) big thunderstorm
b) strong downdrafts
c) wall cloud forms
d) funnel cloud forms

The strongest tornado possible on the Fujita scale is number…
a) 0
b) 5
c) 10
d) 100

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