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Which government has leaders elected to rule?
a) Democracy
b) Oligarchy
c) Monarch
d) Tyrant

What is the type of government in which a group of wealthy older people rule?
a) Democracy
b) Monarch
c) Tyrant
d) Oligarchy

Who is the Greek god of love and beauty?
a) Aphrodite
b) Hera
c) Cupid
d) Artemis

Which of the following is not one of the name for Greek columns?
a) Corinthian
b) Ionic
c) Doric
d) Informal

Which Greek is known as the father of history?
a) Pythagoras
b) Herodotus
c) Aristotle
d) Plato

Who is the Greek god of the sea?
a) Zeus
b) Posiden
c) Hera
d) Hades

Which word meant city to the Greeks?
a) Polis
b) State
c) Province
d) village

Which type of Greek play told a humorous story?
a) Tragedy
b) Love story
c) Drama
d) Comedy

What do we call a short story that is meant to teach a lesson?
a) Fable
b) Epic
c) Poem
d) Novel

The Parthenon was built to honor which Greek god?
a) Hera
b) Athena
c) Zeus
d) Hades

Who was the Persian leader who attacked the Greeks at Marathon?
a) Xerxes I
b) Leonidus
c) Darius I
d) Thales

What is the name of a Greek soldier?
a) Hoplite
b) Helot
c) Trireme
d) Epics

What is the name of the gathering place, market place in ancient Greece?
a) Agora
b) Acropolis
c) Parthenon
d) Peninsula

Which type of government usually has power taken by force?
a) Democracy
b) Monarchy
c) Oligarchy
d) Tyrant

How is power passed down in a Monarch?
a) The Richest people rule.
b) From generation to generation
c) Elections.
d) The meanest person takes over.

What is a Peninsula?
a) Land with water all the way around it.
b) Water with land on three sides.
c) Water with land all the way around it.
d) Land with water on three sides.

Who is the Greek god of the hunt and wild animals?
a) Apollo
b) Aphrodite
c) Athena
d) Artemis

What is the name for the Greek warships?
a) Battleships
b) Hoplite
c) Trireme
d) Destroyer

Who was the Persian leader that fought the Spartans in the battle of Thermopylae?
a) Xerxes I
b) Darius I
c) Hippocrates
d) Leonidas

What is name of the long poem that records the deeds of a legendary or real hero?
a) Fable
b) Epics
c) Tragedy
d) Comedy

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