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The Executive Branch
a) is selected by popular vote
b) makes treaties with other countries
c) is divided into the House and the Senate
d) prints money

The Legislative Branch
a) decides what the laws mean
b) enforces the law
c) makes treaties with other countries
d) prints money

The Judicial Branch
a) is selected by popular vote
b) collects taxes
c) declares war
d) decides what the laws mean

Which branch collects taxes?
a) Executive branch
b) Judicial branch
c) Legislative branch
d) All of the above

The Executive Branch
a) collects taxes
b) appoints Supreme Court justices and federal judges
c) punishes pirates
d) prints money

What does RATIFY mean?
a) to introduce a new amendment
b) to approve or pass an amendment
c) to carry out the law
d) to amend

How many senators are in the U.S. Senate?
a) 50
b) 100
c) 435
d) It depends on the population

What does the Constitution say is the Supreme Law of the land?
a) The Bill of Rights
b) State Laws
c) The amendments
d) U.S. or federal laws

What is the term for members of the House of Representatives?
a) 2 years
b) 4 years
c) 6 years
d) Life

System where the national government shares power with state governments
a) democracy
b) republican
c) federalism
d) antifederalist

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