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The branch that interprets the laws is the
a) judicial branch
b) executive branch
c) legislative branch
d) Congress

The Articles let Congress create this but not pay for it
a) military
b) tax stamp
c) confederation
d) Supreme Court

The Chamber of Congress where each state gets two votes is the
a) Congress
b) House of Representatives
c) Confederation
d) Senate

The branch that carries out the laws is the
a) judicial branch
b) executive branch.
c) legislative branch
d) Congress.

Under the Articles of Confederation,
a) Congress was the only branch of government.
b) Congress was bicameral.
c) each state got two votes.
d) Congress had the power to enforce laws.

What are the two steps to amend the Constitution?
a) approval of the states and approval of Congress
b) vote and veto
c) ratify and veto
d) propose and ratify

Under the Constitution,
a) Congress is divided into two chambers.
b) Congress is the only branch.
c) Congress gets two votes.
d) Congress makes the laws.

The Articles of Confederation
a) allowed the Senate to vote to change the Articles.
b) required a 3/4 vote to change the Articles.
c) did not allow changes to be made.
d) allowed changes to be made but only if all states agreed.

The Articles of Confederation is
a) a document that replaced the Constitution.
b) a document that was our first Constitution.
c) a group of people united together for a purpose.
d) a group of states governed by a President.

In the House of Representatives, the number of votes each state gets is based on its ____.
a) physical size of the state.
b) electoral colleges.
c) population.
d) All of the above

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