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What affects Culture
a) Geography
b) Primary Source
c) Erie Canal
d) Monroe Doctrine

One of the Early English settlements in North America
a) Philadelphia
b) Jamestown
c) Boston
d) New York

The first representative government in the 13 Colonies
a) Virginia House of Burgesses
b) Jamestown
c) Plymouth
d) Boston

Reasons for settlement in New England, Middle and Southern Colonies
a) Better economy
b) Religious Freedom
c) Better farmer
d) Better schools

Causes of the American Revolution
a) Slavery
b) Poor farming
c) No taxation without representation
d) Monroe Doctrine

Compromises at the Constitutional Convention
a) The United States Compromise
b) Preamble to the Constitiution
c) 3/5 Compromise and the Great Compromise
d) Lincoln's Compromise

Division of Power between national and state governments
a) Checks and balances
b) Patriots
c) Abolitionists
d) Federalists vs. Antifederalists

Wanted to end slavery
a) Abolitionist Movement
b) Erie Canal
c) Declaration of Independence
d) Monroe Doctrine

A reason for the settlement of California
a) Silver rush
b) Better farming
c) Gold Rush
d) Better school

Way for one branch to control the other two branches
a) Checks and Balances
b) Federalists vs. Anti-federalists
c) 3/5 Compromise
d) Great Compromise

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