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After looking at the title, the reader can conclude that the book will be:
a) a fictional story about extreme athletes
b) several fictional stories about extreme sports
c) a non-fiction collection of stories about sports adventureres
d) a guide to extreme sports

What makes Dean Dunbar unique in the world of extreme sports?
a) he likes skydiving and flying planes upside down
b) he scuba dives
c) he is blind and kayaks, swims, runs, and cycles
d) he does not see well, but he can still bungee jump and ride motor cycles

Why does the author describe the Sahara Desert in detail in the first paragraph on page 6?
a) to show its beauty
b) to describe the size of the desert
c) to detail how difficult of a place the desert is to run accross
d) because it is hot and dry

Why do the men wear backpacks while running?
a) to carry water and a tent
b) to carry food and water
c) to carry a tent, food, and water
d) to carry a tent and food

Grace Van Der Byl is mentioned as having a 'huge heart'. Her huge heart allows her to:
a) love the sport of marathon swimming
b) pump more blood through her body while she is swimming
c) donate money to the sport of swimming
d) give a thousand percent, making her easy to coach.

What did getting captured in Mozambique teach Kira Salak?
a) to not travel alone
b) to not trust people from southern Africa
c) the realities of danger when travelling
d) the importance of carrying a gun

From the book we can infer that Race2Recovery competed in the Dakar Rally to:
a) inspire people with disabilities, injuries, or other difficulties
b) win and donate the prize money to people with disabilities
c) win and collect money for hospital bills
d) impress their friends and famiily

Why did the author choose to include a list of Joe Simpson's injuries?
a) to show how crazy he is for climbing the highest mountains
b) to show the real risk involved in climing
c) to stress how he feels no pain
d) to persuade people not to climb in his footsteps

We can infer that when Simon Yates saw Joe Simpson back at base camp he felt:
a) angry and frustrated
b) shocked, relieved, and happy.
c) hungry and tired
d) disappointed and scared

What is a mountaineer?
a) a scientist who studies mountains
b) a person who hikes trail
c) a person who uses ropes and other equipment to climb mountains
d) a rope used to climb a mountain

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