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What disease was Morrie diagnosed with?
a) Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)
b) Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
c) Colon Cancer
d) Epilepsy

What was one of Morrie's favorite activities?
a) baseball
b) dancing
c) swimming
d) writing

What did Morrie feel void of during part of his childhood?
a) father
b) mother figure
c) a relationship with his brother
d) love

Why does Morrie feel it is important to accept our death early in life?
a) so we can appreciate life and our loved ones
b) it will allow one to live life to the fullest
c) it will minimize having regrets in life
d) all of the above

What does Morrie mean by the quote, love each other or die ?
a) in life it helps if you love someone
b) family is the most important thing in life
c) Morrie would be dead without his wife
d) if we do not have love, we have nothing

What does Morrie mean by a tension of opposites?
a) life is like a baseball game
b) getting pulled in different directions, like a rubber band
c) good vs evil
d) none of the above

What does Morrie regret most?
a) being a pushover and someone who people took advantage of so often
b) working the last year after he found out he was sick
c) energy wasted on pride and vengeance
d) all of the above

The pink hibiscus plant is a symbol for ...
a) love
b) Morrie's life
c) hatred
d) violence

In an effort to accept his death, Morrie attempts to _______ from all of his negative side effects, such as violent coughing spells.
a) detach
b) accept
c) avoid
d) feel

Why does Morrie choose to stay in his chair?
a) it is easiest for Connie to lift him from his chair
b) he feels that once he remains in bed, he will have surrendered to death
c) he has less coughing spells sitting up in the chair
d) so he can sit upright and see Mitch on Tuesdays

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