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Melinda's family could be described as
a) loving and outgoing
b) supportive of each other
c) affluent (rich)
d) distant, or not very close to each other

Rachel identifies, or runs, with which students?
a) athletes
b) drama students
c) foreign-exchange students
d) the Marthas

While at school, Melinda takes refuge, or hides, in
a) the social studies class
b) the gym
c) the principal's office
d) an unused janitor's closet

Mr. Neck becomes irate, or angry, over the subject of immigration because
a) he can't get permission to bring his father to the U.S.
b) a teacher of another race is going to get his job
c) his son can't get a job and an immigrant got the job instead
d) he fears another country taking over the U.S.

The Sordinos' Thanksgiving feast can be best described as
a) a succes
b) a Kodak, or picture-perfect, moment
c) somewhat successful
d) a fiasco, or a mess

Melinda's physical symptoms include all but which one of the following?
a) anorexia (extremely skinny)
b) raw lips
c) biting her nails
d) sore throat

Which one DOESN'T happen to Melinda on the first day of school?
a) trouble with her social studies teacher, Mr. Neck
b) rejection from her former, or past, friends
c) getting her locker filled with jelly beans
d) harassment from many students in the hallways and bus

True or false: Melinda likes being alone
a) True
b) False
c) I have no idea

True or false: Melinda's ex-best friend pushes her down the bleachers
a) True
b) False
c) I have no idea

True or False: No one knows why Melinda called the police except for Melinda
a) True
b) False
c) I have no idea

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