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In 1788, why did several states refuse to approve the U.S. Constitution?
a) It did not include the branches of government.
b) It did not indicate who would be the chief executive.
c) It did not list the rights of the people.
d) It did not allow for changes to be made in the future.

Which of these describes Thomas Jefferson’s belief about government and religion?
a) He believed religion should guide government policy.
b) He believed in the separation of religion and government.
c) He believed taxes should pay for the construction of churches.
d) He believed that only members of a religion should serve as president.

The number of members of which of these is affected by state population?
a) Senate
b) Supreme Court
c) president's cabinet
d) House of Representatives

Which of these guarantees that a group has the right to gather to protest a tax they think is unfair?
a) the right to assemble
b) the right to privacy
c) the right to bear arms
d) the right to worship freely

The Second Amendment is often at the center of debate in this country. Which of these rights does it protect?
a) the right to pay taxes
b) the right to own guns
c) the right to public education
d) the right to vote in elections

What is meant by the “due process of law” included in the Fifth Amendment?
a) If you are accused of a crime, the law does not guarantee your rights.
b) If you are accused of a crime, the law requires you to pay a fine.
c) The government must follow rules as it carries out the law.
d) The government cannot deny freedom to convicted criminals.

Which of these is one purpose of the Bill of Rights?
a) to limit the power of government
b) to determine the election process
c) to rewrite the Constitution
d) to outline the responsibilities of Congress

Which of these would not be protected by the First Amendment?
a) criticizing officials in an editorial
b) debating controversial issues in class
c) damaging property in a protest march
d) promoting ideas that are unpopular

What is included in the First Amendment to the Constitution?
a) the three branches of government
b) the structure of the federal system
c) the responsibilities of the president
d) the basic freedoms of all people

Which of these groups is responsible for protecting the rights listed in the Bill of Rights?
a) president
b) federal courts
c) governors
d) representatives

How does freedom of the press help maintain a democratic society?
a) It allows citizens to be informed.
b) It provides jobs for journalists.
c) It prevents politicians from giving opinions.
d) It requires newspapers to charge a low price.

Which of these is not included in the First Amendment?
a) freedom of speech
b) freedom of religion
c) freedom to assemble
d) freedom to vote

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