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Melinda is a girl who is a selective mute and therefore...
a) has many friends.
b) doesn't have many friends.
c) doesn't have any friends.
d) none of the above.

Melinda's Mom works at...
a) McDonald's as a cashier
b) Effert's as a cashier
c) a clothing store that we don't know the name of
d) Effert's as a manager

Who is MNelinda's art teacher?
a) Mr. Neck
b) Mr. Freeman
c) Hairwoman
d) Mr. Stetman

Heather is....
a) Melinda's friend from Ohio
b) a friend who uses Melinda
c) a friend who is now a part of The Martha clan
d) All of the above

Who is It?
a) Andy Evans
b) Melinda's dog
c) Melinda's nightmare
d) both 1 and 3

The teacher who influences Melinda the most is...
a) Mr. Stetman
b) Ms. Keen
c) Ms. Connors
d) Mr. Freeman

Which teacher wanted Melinda to help out the basketball team?
a) Ms. Connors
b) Mr. Corky
c) Mr. Neck
d) None of the above

Rachel Bruin...
a) is part of The Martha's.
b) turned against Melinda.
c) is a brilliant student who wants to be friends with Melinda
d) is a coach's dream.

a) has no hair
b) resents immigrants
c) teaches ELA and loves symbolism
d) teaches Social Studies

Which term best describes David Petrakis?
a) timid
b) absent-minded
c) jock
d) brilliant

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