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The third day of the week
a) Sunday
b) Monday
c) Tuesday
d) Saturday

The second month
a) January
b) July
c) March
d) February

The last month
a) August
b) October
c) December
d) March

The continent where France and Spain are
a) Asia
b) Europe
c) America
d) Antarctica

The season between summer and winter
a) Autumn
b) Spring
c) September
d) February

The continent where Argentina and Brazil are
a) Europe
b) South America
c) North America
d) Australasia

The first day of the weekend
a) Monday
b) Sunday
c) Friday
d) Wednesday

The ninth month
a) August
b) March
c) February
d) September

The cold season in countries like Canada and Germany
a) summer
b) spring
c) autumn
d) winter

Which is correct spelling of 23rd?
a) twenty three
b) twenty third
c) twenty thread
d) twenty-third

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