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Which radical group assassinated civil rights leader Malcolm X? It had to do with the Nation.
a) Congress for Racial Equality
b) Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee
c) Nation of Islam
d) Southern Christian Leadership Conference

Which statement accurately describes the situation for Native Americans during the 1960s and '70s? It had to do with takeovers.
a) Native Americans did not demand changes during the 1960s and '70s.
b) American courts rejected Native American claims over treaty rights they were owed.
c) Members of different tribes refused to cooperate with each other to achieve their goals.
d) Some Native Americans staged militant takeovers to make their cause known.

Which statement does not accurately describe major American cities during the 1960s? It had to do with inner city schools.
a) Relations between whites and blacks were much better in northern cities than in the South.
b) Unemployment and poverty were the major problems facing urban blacks.
c) Inner-city schools were generally better than those found in the suburbs.
d) Poor people lived in crowded, crime-ridden slums.

Which statement accurately describes Robert Kennedy's presidential campaign in 1968? It had to do with California.
a) He vowed that as the Republican candidate he would continue fighting the war in Vietnam.
b) He had just won the California and South Dakota primaries when he was assassinated.
c) He promised Governor George Wallace that he would support segregation in Alabama.
d) He failed to gain the support of Martin Luther King, Jr., because of his civil rights record.

Which effect did the Vietnam War have on Lyndon Johnson's presidency? It had to do with 1968
a) The war made him the most popular president in history when he finally left office.
b) Protests and frustration over the war led him to refuse to run for a second full term in 1968.
c) Early defeats led him to admit the war was a mistake and withdraw U.S. troops.
d) Profits from the war helped funds Johnson's domestic anti-poverty programs.

Which statement about César Chávez's actions in support of farm workers in California is true? It had to do with refusing union workers.
a) He persuaded farmers in other states to increase production to drive California growers out of business.
b) He encouraged migrants to move back to Mexico, where they would receive higher wages.
c) He urged striking grape pickers to destroy crops in the fields before they could be harvested.
d) He called for a strike and a boycott against grape growers who refused to allow unionized workers.

Which was not a cause of civil unrest in the United States in the 1960s? It didn't have to do with rural America.
a) Rural America was poor, while most people in cities were rich.
b) Many Americans didn't support the Vietnam War.
c) Women were paid less than men for doing the same job.
d) Black citizens were still fighting against discrimination.

Which were factors in the United States' failure to achieve its goals in Vietnam? It had to do with not studying.
a) The US did not study Vietnamese history or ask enough questions. The US supported corrupt leaders in Vietnam.
b) The United States entered the war in order to make Vietnam a U.S. colony.
c) The United States estimated that the war would cost much more money and time than it really did.

Which organization started by President Kennedy inspired thousands of Americans to share their experience and knowledge with less fortunate nations? It had to do with peace.
a) Great Society
b) Upward Bound
c) Civilian Conservation Corps
d) Peace Corps

Which militant civil rights group was led by Malcolm X until he turned to nonviolence and left the group? It had to do with the Islam.
a) Nation of Islam
b) National Urban League
c) Congress of Racial Equality
d) Southern Christian Leadership Conference

Which statement describes the purpose of the Civil Rights Act of 1964? It had to do with discrimination.
a) to guarantee voting rights for African Americans and other minorities
b) to provide aid to low-income families to pay for food and shelter
c) to offer assistance with medical expenses to senior citizens
d) to end discrimination in public facilities and employment

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