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To find a mineral's _______ you would use the Moh's scale.
a) luster
b) hardness
c) cleavage
d) color

Erosion can be caused by
a) wind
b) water
c) wind and water
d) none of the above

If you wanted to see something very tiny you would use
a) a telescope
b) a periscope
c) a microscope
d) an x-ray gun

Weathering can be cause by
a) wind
b) water
c) plants
d) all of the above

Minerals are made up of ____ elements.
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

A mineral, regardless of their color, will have the ____ streak.
a) same
b) different
c) color of the mineral
d) no

Weathering makes things
a) bigger
b) smaller
c) grow
d) move

The only mineral property that can change is its ___ and still remain the same mineral.
a) cleavage
b) luster
c) color
d) hardness

A mineral's _____ is how it breaks.
a) cleavage
b) luster
c) hardness
d) color

A mineral's ______ is how shiny or dull it appears
a) hardness
b) streak
c) color
d) luster

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