Review Game *Cassandraa* And *Paigeeyy*(: Question Preview (ID: 2008)

Chapters 4,5,6,7.[print questions]

What one is NOT on of the 5th Grade Teams?
a) Delta Team
b) Omega Team
c) Beta Team
d) Feta Team

What is our Uniform for Gym Class?
a) Navy Blue Shorts and a Gold Tee-Shirt
b) Gold Shorts and Blue Tee-Shirt
c) Light Blue Shorts and Yellow Tank Top
d) None of the Above! =]

Which One is The Mixed Number for the Fraction 23/3?
a) 7 1/3
b) 6 2/3
c) 7 2/3
d) 8 1/3

The ____ is the top number in a fraction.
a) Numerator
b) Denominator
c) GCF
d) Simplest Form

How many lines of symmetry does the letter H have?
a) 1
b) 3
c) 2
d) 4

Compare! 80,000 ___ 68,000
a) =
c) <
d) >

Divide! 546/13=________
a) 40
b) 42
c) 43
d) 23

If all sides of a triangle are 6 inches, What kind of triangle is it?
a) Equilateral Triangle
b) Scalene Triangle
c) Isoscelese Triangle
d) None of the above

Divide! 163/5=______
a) 41
b) 30
c) 32 R3
d) 23 R4

Find The Median! 16,20,23,23,38
a) 23
b) 28
c) 20
d) 38

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