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Loyalty to a state or section, not a country
a) Sectionalism
b) Popular Sovereignty
c) Patriotism
d) Emancipation

Required all citizens to help catch runaway slaves
a) Fugitive slave law
b) Missouri Compromise
c) Dred Scott Law
d) Lincoln's Law

California joins the Union as a free state
a) Compromise of 1850
b) Missouri Compromise
c) Popular Sovereignty
d) Kansas-Nebraska Act

Missouri Compromise
a) Supreme Court rules all slaves are property
b) All states that border Missouri are free
c) Missouri enters as a free state and Maine as a slave state
d) Missouri enters as a slave state and Maine as a free state

Supreme Court rules slaves are property
a) The Lincoln decision
b) Emancipation
c) Dred Scott decision
d) Fugitive

a) To enslave
b) To set free
c) To join the Union
d) To leave the Union

Popular Sovereignty
a) President decides about slavery
b) Supreme Court decides about slavery
c) People in a territory decide about slavery
d) Slavery is abolished

A slave runaway
a) fugititve
b) free man
c) politician
d) farmer

Lincoln frees all slaves in Confederate States
a) Lincoln-Douglas Debates
b) Sectionalism
c) Compromise
d) Emancipation Proclamation

Lincoln argues that slavery is wrong
a) Lincoln-Douglas Debates
b) Sectionalism
c) Missouri Compromise
d) Fugitive Slave Law

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