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what do we ask for at the end of the meal?
a) the menu
b) appetizers
c) the bill
d) bread

Which is not a meat dish?
a) burger
b) sausage
c) fish
d) steak

Which is dessert?
a) houmous
b) egg
c) ice cream
d) pepperoni

what do we NOT make a sandwich from?
a) bread
b) butter
c) pizza
d) cheese

Who brings the food in a restaurant?
a) chef
b) waiter
c) journalist
d) cleaner

what do you add to tea?
a) coffee
b) milk
c) chocolate
d) pineapple

which food is spicy?
a) UAE
b) Indian
c) British
d) Russian

Which of these is a salad ingredient?
a) tomato
b) pizza
c) water
d) burger

Which of these is not a pizza topping
a) cheese
b) bowl
c) tomato
d) peppers

which is a fruit?
a) potato
b) chocolate
c) watermelon
d) milk

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